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June 26, 2012
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dAF: Captain Shinrei by Saiko-Akarui dAF: Captain Shinrei by Saiko-Akarui
:iconming3plz: hell0 app revamp;;;...

EVERYONE SHOULD REVAMP/REJOIN/JOIN dAF BECAUSE WE'RE REVAMPING :iconureshiiplz: and join the pirate guild too...

Name: Shinrei
Age: 21
Race: wh0t d0es he l00k rike baka human
Height: umm umm fairly average?... //runs awei/ 5'9"
City: XANA

Shiny things
Pretty Women ///;
New comrades and friends
New posessions
The art of lying
Anything thats cool
Things that other people have

The Ocean, or rather, being on water.
Not being able to eat
People calling him fat or judging him by looks
People reminding him that stealing is bad
people who can do things better than he can
Remembering that he doesn't have anything without stealing.

Flamboyant and easily seen as a happy go lucky idiot. Childish; sense of justice, but not in that way that is smiled upon. Flirtacious.


Shinrei was born to a mid-poorer family in Adysia, but although his family was on the poorer side, his life was still eventful and loving. His father was a member of the Adysian military and often boasted about how his son would be the best fighter in the military. He taught Shinrei the skills needed for a warrior and eventually, Shin was allowed to come to practice with his father. The other military members took a liking to his bright and enthusiastic nature as well and began teaching him the methods and skills of Adysian swordplay. Soon enough, Shinrei became skilled enough to be on par with some of the members of the military and everyone didn't mind since no one thought that one day, Shinrei might not join the Adysian Military. Not a thought crossed their minds, for, Shin was a simple minded swordplay enthusiast and was crazy about the Adysian Military. However, when thugs rampage in the city his home gets destroyed and having no money to support his family, his father leaves to work as a mercenary in hopes of better pay, leaving his wife and son to fend for themselves for awhile. None the less Shinrei still lived his live to the fullest, helping his mother work at a bakery for awhile before she passed on, leaving Shinrei alone. The baker offered to become his foster family but after a few stupid antics that his mother usually cleared up with them, he was kicked out.

After being kicked out, Shinrei opened his eyes to the hardships of the real world. Having to beg for food, having to work hard, having no one to rely or depend on. He became an average street rat.

It became a challenge to live, having to steal from others, but soon he discovered that it was easier to live off of another person's hard work. He began stealing art pieces, and other crafts that took long effort to make, and enjoying having posession of things. He stole food, jewlery, small things he would have wanted to have. He never stole more clothes than what he needed though, so he was mostly in rags. After awhile, a High Arcanian mage cloaked in red came through the usual alley Shinrei stole from. Taking a liking to the man's red hat, he decided to steal it for himself, and climbed onto the roof of a house to wait for him. When the man walked by he pounced on him but was blocked by a barrierlike wall and plopped onto the ground confused and feeling endangered. He pulled out a small dagger he had stolen from a travelling warrior and charged at the man.

The red mage was impressed by his swordplay, recognizing most of the techniques to be similar to that of the Adysian military. After he stopped him he stared at Shinrei and forced him to return all the stolen goods and apologize for everything. Then, the red mage did something unexpected, he offered Shinrei to come under his wing and become his apprentice, working under him as a paper boy mostly.

Years passed as Shinrei began working for the Arcanian Red Mage. Still pickpocketing people here and there. But despite being his apprentice, the mage did not teach him any magic. Each time he asked he was turned down by the mage. "Now is not the time" he would be told. Still unsatisfied with being a mage's apprentice and not knowing magic still, Shinrei began to practice in secret, observing the Mage's actions and mimicking. Still he lacked something. He listened in on the developements of the projects the mage was involved in and the meetings he attended with the use of the strange contraptions in the mage's workshop. There, he learned of the First Arcanian Airship being made, it was able to ride on the sea and air. The mage eventually caught on to his silly apprentice's antics and let him learn how to make a simple flame. Extremely satisfied, Shinrei began experimenting with the flame, the basis of Fire magic, and soon enough he was able to do mediocre magic tricks, including enhancing his blade. The mage didn't mind as long as he still worked, came home on time for supper, and didn't pickpocket anymore.

However, Shinrei was now too used to the habit of stealing that he found himself stealing things he didn't even need. His stealing soon went out of control and eventually officials linked all thefts to the Red Mage. A bit guilted by this, and not liking the feeling. He packed up his things and decided to run away along with the keys to where the Airship was held in. The mage caught his simpleton of a apprentice in the act and instead of stopping him, requested a mage's duel with him using Fire.

Reluctantly, Shinrei agrees and duels the mage. Something was odd. The Red mage loses and is slightly wounded in the process, having gone easy on his apprentice, he and bids him farewell by giving him his hat (because the mage came to think of Shinrei as his own foolish son). By then the officials have raided the Mage's house and work office for the Thief and when they couldn't find anything, set the home on fire, outraged that the mage had done something remotely treasonous to them and in fear of the first airship being stolen.

Shinrei snuck into the research headquarters, news that the red mage had betrayed them had not reached them yet and Shinrei was able to slip past security with ease because everyone trusted him as the Red Mage's Apprentice. He steals the Ship with ease and escapes to Xana.

Now living his life in Xana, he freely steals anything he finds interesting. Shocked at how bad the living style was in Xana compared to Adysia and Arcania, he was reminded of the time when he scavenged for money like a street rat. He befriended poorer citizens and often robbed food for them. They were friendly people, just living in the wrong place. It was then that Shin began Recruiting people for his so called Guild; the Vagrant Winds.

Additional Info:
- His most prized posession is the red mage's hat.
- Forgotten the existense of his real father.
- Refers the Red mage to Pops.
- In reality everything he has was stolen. The techniques of the Adysian Military, The techniques on how to control fire, the Dagger, the Ship, Everything, except for the hat.
- Although he seems like a flirtacious derp, he is actually pretty childish, and would never really do anything to harm a fine lady.
- Likes to think of himself as a gentleman, or how he calls it, a gentle, man.

- Owns a dragon whistle
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