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MM: Sammy by Saiko-Akarui MM: Sammy by Saiko-Akarui

[ I ] G e n e r a l _ I n f o r m a t i o n

    Name:  Samantha Simone Gordon

    Nickname: Sammy <- Usually prefers to go by this.

    D. O. B. : September 26th

    Age: 16

    Height and Weight: 5'4" (162cm ) || 120 lbs (54 kg )

    Nationality: American

    Gender: Female

    Suit: Swords

     Roman Numeral and Arcana: VII: Chariot

    Evoker and Weapon: 

      Iphone 5 Evoker - Saved up her paychecks/ allowances for this baby, although she dislikes the company she enjoys using the apps.

      Red French Rapier - Ebay is a wonderful thing. She bought it online and got scolded by her older sister. She enjoys practicing swinging it around in her free time, although extremely dangerous

[ II ] P e r s o n a _ I n f o r m a t i o n

    A r t h u r
    "A legendary knight"

      Mazio: Inflicts a small amount of Electricity damage on all enemies.(Rank 2 )
      Herculean Strike:Inflicts a moderate amount of Strike damage to all enemies. (Rank 4)
      Cruel Attack: Inflicts a moderate amount of Pierce damage to one target. If target is Down beforehand, then damage is doubled. (Rank 4)
      Diarama: Recovers a moderate amount of HP to one ally. (Rank 4)
      High Counter: 30% chance of repelling Physical attacks when not knocked Down. ( Rank 4)
      Fatal End: Inflicts a large amount of Slash damage on one target. (Rank 5)
      Regenerate 2:Recovers 1.5 HP at the start of your turn. Does not happen on extra turns, counter attacks, or when receiving damage. (Rank 4)
      Auto-Tarukuja: Begin the battle with Tarukaja cast on yourself. (Rank 4)

    [ III ] P e r s o n a l _ I n f o r m a t i o n


      :bulletorange:Strawberry Milk
      :bulletblue: Fashion design
      :bulletorange: Keeping up with trends and Staying Fasionable
      :bulletblue: Cute things in general


      :bulletred: Troublesome matters
      :bulletred: Extreme weather (too cold/hot)
      :bulletred: Bitter or Sour Foods


      Pragmatic || Aesthetic || Original || Realistically-Pestimistic || Irritable || Reckless > Rational || Critical || Unflappable || Passionate

    Unlike the typical teenage girl, Sammy could really care less about other's problems, she finds that people with sad stories are usually looking for attention or have brought their problems upon themselves. She doesn't obsess over what you are thinking about or feeling towards her and doesn't encourage anyone to seek her for advice or counseling. She figures if you have something important to tell her you might as well stop beating around the bush and come out and say it. She feels that she has her own problems to deal with and has little patience for those who need help to get through rough patches and doesn't believe in going out of her way to lend a hand when it only takes time away from her own priorities. The more she helps the more she hammers you about how harsh the real world actually is. She also doesn't like the thought of having to rely on others much and rarely needs help to feel better about herself. She figures that she doesn't have time to sit around and mope but would rather be productive and look towards the future.

    Although quite the rational kid with a good mind full of ethics, she is rather impulsive in her actions, not taking time to complete a task and tends to take the easiest and quickest route over the long and probably more accurate way of doing things. And of course, like any teenager she gives in to her cravings rather than fighting her emotions or what she wants, she often does what comes naturally, and as a result, she occasionally overdoes things and sometimes ends up embarrassing herself.

    However, like a child, she's easily satisfied and is usually in a rather contagious good mood if you leave her alone and don't get on her nerves. She is constantly coming up with new ideas and is often found indulging herself in art, (music), beauty, and design.


      * Easy-going
      * Passionate
      * Strong-willed/hearted
      * Eager
      * Imaginative


      *Independent; doesn't seek help from others and doesn't want it


      Born to businesspeople parents in Japan, Samantha was never far from oriental influences, whether it be good or bad. She had an older sister, but the ten-year age difference meant that the two rarely ran into each other. Despite this, the two were relatively close, understanding what it means to display affection towards a sibling and would often try to make arrangements so that they had time to bond with each other. With both their parents working, and her sister out of the house most of the time, Sammy was left to explore and experience things on her own as long as she followed the rules in the house which included rules such as being home before a certain curfew or not being involved in anything remotely illegal Of course, she'd always follow the rules to the least extent, often exploring the alleys with the other children and picking up strange street lingo or slang around the neighborhood. She picked up masculine habits after observing certain low-lives in the alleys and started referring to her sister as; "Aneki". Naturally, her sister wasn't too keen on this and often scolds her.

      Life was pretty swell in Sammy's eyes, she had a place to sleep, she had food to eat, she had plenty of exploring friends and a good amount of freedom as a kid. She didn't really experience any hardships and if she did, she figured it was about time something bad had happened to her for having such an easy going life-style; Sleep, eat, play, study, and repeat. That is, until her parents decided to move back to America.

      After living in Japan for so long, Sammy was reluctant to leave her home. Being adamant about staying, the parents agreed to let her stay with her sister Gail until she finished highschool, and after that, she would have to attend college in America. Quickly, Sammy was enrolled into Higashimori High.

      At the time, the Gordons were living in the the big city as Gail did graduate work at her University. With their new circumstances, Gail knew that what their money would run out in an instant if they stayed in ciry the the so she moved them to Kirimori. Pulling all the strings she had, Gail managed to get them a home and jobs in the form of a small flower shop. Since then, they've adjusted to their new life, managing a simple but stable living with the shop.Since the crisis, Samantha easily adjusted to her new life with her sister, enjoying what Kirimori has to offer in comparison to the busy streets of the city. She helps out at the flower shop when things get busy or need to be delivered.


      * She lives with her older sister Gail and helps with the flower shop; eg; tending to the plants, shopkeeping, and delivering flowers via bike

      * If you sympathize/ take pity with her she'll rip you a new one and then another

      * Easy to piss off and not easy to befriend that's for sure

      * Her iphone 5 phone case is exactly like mine //CACKLES ACTUALLY THIS IS MY PHONE OAFINMLSD

      *The two keychains hanging off her bag;
        * Limited edition Flower Lion plush from Px; the 'Dandy-Lion'.
        * Chinese Jade Charm: Something she bought from the China town. Its cute and gives you good luck, what more can you ask?
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    Ribbon-Knight Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
    HER DESIGN IS JUST TOO CUTE<333333 That orange-y hair with glasses on top and the white coat too, she's so very very fashionable, no wonder you like fashion Sammy, you're so very trendy!~ :iconsparklesplz:

    She has a really interesting personality too, she really is pragmatic, isn't she? Sammy sounds so realistic and straightforward, she's a really cool character - I also like how energetic and impulsive she is, it's an interesting combo! And her backstory was nice too I find the image of her biking down Kirimori with a basket of flowers to deliver or something somehow sweet I dunno it's just cute, I like that she helps out her sis like that. ;v;
    Xisuu Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
    Reinaaaaa~ :iconureshiiplz: You've joined~

    slides away to stalk watch MM from the shadows

    :iconmingplz: Have fun. try not to die.
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