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June 25, 2013
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MM: Jun Aragaki by Saiko-Akarui MM: Jun Aragaki by Saiko-Akarui

[ I ] G e n e r a l _ I n f o r m a t i o n

    Name: Jun Aragaki

    D. O. B. : December 12th

    Age: 28

    Height and Weight: 5'8" (174cm ) || 136 lbs (62 kg )

    Nationality: Japanese

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Health Teacher

    Roman Numeral and Arcana: XIII: Death

    Evoker and Weapon: 

      Emerald Ring Evoker - A special ring he wears around his neck, usually out of sight. Not something he likes to talk about.

      Scythe - He picked it up on his travels as a souvenir, it is displayed in a display case in his house. It's his only go to weapon if someone were to break into his home.

[ II ] P e r s o n a _ I n f o r m a t i o n

    A d a m
    "Forged from earthly clay and said to be the perfect being"

      Megido: Inflicts a moderate amount of Almighty damage on all enemies.(Rank 4 )
      Diarahan: Recovers all HP to one ally. Can be used on the field. (Rank 7 )
      Mahamaon: Medium chance of killing all enemies by the power of Light. (Rank 4)
      Reset: Resets all ailments and buffs or debuffs on both allies and enemies. (Rank 10)
      Evade Elec: Greatly increases the chances of dodging Electric skills. ( Rank 4)
      Bloodbath: Heavy Physical damage to all enemies. (Rank 9)
      Revelation: Heavy Physical damage to all enemies with a chance of mute.(Rank 9)
      Avenge: 50% chance to counter enemy's physical attack, heavy damage. (Rank 7)

    C a g a l l i
    " A death bringer forest faeri "

      Megidola: Inflicts a heavy amount of Almighty damage on all enemies. (Rank 5)
      Die for me!: 100% chance of instant death by Dark. All foes without Dark resistance. (Rank 8)
      Endure Light: 50% chance of surviving Light attacks with 1 HP. (Rank 7)
      Ghastly Wail: Instantly kills all targets who are suffering from the Fear ailment (unavoidable) (Rank 8)
      Vanity: Random ailments to all enemies (Rank 9)
      Bloodbath: Heavy Physical damage to all enemies (Rank 9)
      Revelation: Heavy Physical damage to all enemies with a chance of mute (Rank 9)
      Soul Break: 40% chance of inflicting the Exhaustion ailment to one enemy. (Rank 4 )

[ III ] P e r s o n a l _ I n f o r m a t i o n


    Orchestral Melodies and Indie music
    The Discovery channel
    Horror films
    Listening to news and talk shows on the radio
    His work
    Seeing his students succeed and surpass others
    Children and Elderly
    Clean and Tidy


    'Disruptive' melodies. Not one for metal music
    Being chained down
    Fighting, Violence, Bad attitudes


    Aragaki is a generally softspoken individual, he prefers the pacisfist route as opposed to the violent and is often found mediating student quarrels. He wears a calm demeanor and keeps his temper frightenly well kept hidden. He enjoys interaction with others; especially students and co-workers. Generally endearing, he opens himself up for advice if the students seek it. He's quite strange in the sense of slight detachment to his surroundings when engrossed in his work. Quirky at times and seems to be hiding everything personal about him. He has sadistic tendencies.


    * Optimistic
    * Generally hard-working
    * Easibly Approachable
    * Compassionate
    * Composed


    *Weak-willed and easy to take advantage of (Doesn't know how to say no)
    *Has a white-knight type of personality; placing others in front of himself
    *Pressures of marriage and expectation
    *Cats- horrible fear of
    *Permanent- dislikes the idea of things being permanently there.


    A quiet and frail child from birth, Jun grew up in Japan obediently and secluded. Despite being alone, he endulged himself in the world of books in his Father's study. Having been born to a family of doctors, it would be expected that Jun would continue the 'family legacy', and that was exactly what he did. He never strayed from the path of a doctor, nor did it bother him that he was locked into the job future. The human body had always intrigued Jun, it was beautiful, but also ugly, it was living, but also dead. He was fascinated and scared at the same time. 

    As he continued in his medical studies, he often volunteered and part-timed at a few clinics and pharmacies before he became a nurse at a local hospital. Upon graduation, he wanted a job where he would be able to continue to review and learn new things; in which he applied for Higashimori.


    He is receiving pressure from his parents to quickly get married and give them grandchildren
    He is an only child.
    Appears to be either weak or sickly at times, but this is mainly because his nose is always in his studies and work that he forgets to eat or sleep.
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